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Solidk.App is the ultimate password manager to protect your accounts, personal information and sensitive documents. No install, 100% free!

Multi Devices
Don't lose your passwords anymore!Secure your documents!

Why Solidk.App?
Neglecting safety can lead to serious consequences. Giving strong and different passwords for each of your accounts and encrypting your sensitive documents is part of good security practices. Other services such as cloud storage secure your documents, but do not ensure their security once moved. With Solidk.App, your documents are encrypted then can be exported without worries: you can consult them at any time. No cumbersome installation is required.

Solidk.App will make you more efficient by having access to all your sensitive data, anytime, anywhere, secure at your fingertips. It has been developed to bring people an easy and accessible way for better protection.

Protect your passwords, notes and documents

Solidk.App is the password manager for your accounts info including Id, password, url, but it's much more! Store securely:

  • Your personal informations, social number, etc, using Notes.
  • Your taxes income files.
  • Your passports.
  • Your barcode / QR Code identity pass.
  • Any document or photo that contains sensitive informations.

Data flexibility

Solidk.App offers simple functionalities to backup, export, restore and synchronize your data with ease:

  • Share part of your data with family, friends or team mates using the backup option and grouping feature.
  • Generate backup file using different password.
  • Create many users database on the same device.
  • Restore your backup files into other devices or user.
  • Synchronize / merge your data with the last recent updates between different device.

The backup/export files are secured using the most robust encryption, so you can copy them on several supports: mailbox, USB key, external hard drive or cloud storage! No worries: even if bad people get it, they won't be able to do nothing without your password.
Evenmore! Solidk.App backup files are usable in readonly in local / offline mode because they contains your secured/encrypted data + the entire Solidk.App application. You can access those data any where, any time, in total security.

How it works?

With Solidk.App, No data in the cloud : your data belongs to you. You choose a unique master password. Solidk.App will use this password as key to secure/encrypt all your data. Solidk.App is a Web application: It use the web browser internal storage to store your encrypted data securely on your device. Of corse, you can use the backup option store your data on permanent files.

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